Welcome to the INSPIRED DESIGN series 

To celebrate our passion for design, we are launching a series of interviews with people who have inspired us over the last 18 months. From the super yacht photographer we commissioned on our photo shoot, to our very own Creative Director, Rupert Shreeve. We find out what makes them tick and they give us the low down on what inspires them creatively.



Michal Baginski is a designer working for Andrew Winch Designs where he heads the concept visualisation department designing super yachts, luxury planes and high end residential projects. He also gets to travel the world photographing the finished product. He was recently commissioned to photograph the new range of Bennett Winch bags, which incorporated a two-day studio and lifestyle shoot on the streets of London.

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Where does your love of photography come from?

I’m just a visual creature. I design, paint, draw and shoot. All of the above I find enjoyable and relaxing. 

What makes a great image?

There is a quote I really like: “a good image follows all the rules, a great image breaks them all”. I would say this quote perfectly defines a great image to me. Whenever I come across or create an image I think really stands out, most of the ‘photographic rules’ cannot be applied. 

What camera do you love to shoot with?

…Whatever camera I have with me. I’m not a gear geek as such. A camera is just a tool that enables me to create. I’ve had shoots where I’ve used medium format  digital cameras and some where I shot in analog. I still shoot a lot of my personal photos on a 1950s analog Leica M3. Most of the time however I shoot digital on high end 35mm cameras due to the great balance between portability and quality.

What inspires you to create such stunning images?

I get inspired by pretty much everything - I was asked to set up a “black book” (a book of inspiring magazine cuttings) when I was at University and I’ve carried on using it ever since. I pretty much collect everything that inspires me, be it photography cuttings, sketches, designs or a car I particularly like. I guess it’s a pre-Pinterest type of thing, but I like the old-school feel to it and flicking through it doesn’t drain as much time as Pinterest which is a bonus, I guess!

What is your personal favourite in terms of images you’ve created?

Definitely the next one..! I’ve had a few that were well received such as my recent shoot of a super yacht in London (see below). However 90% of what I shoot is highly confidential, so I cannot share these even if I wanted to. I always look forward to the next shoot, this attitude keeps me focused and enables me to be more creative.

What was your favourite shot from the Bennett Winch selection?

I really liked shooting at Kings Cross St Pancras. The striking colours and instantly recognisable architecture made for some very special lifestyle images. The one below is my personal favourite from that set.

If you could only ever use one lens for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Probably Canon 24-70mm 2.8. I absolutely love it. Such a sharp and bright zoom, a truly versatile workhorse.

Which photographer (past or present) would you be most honoured to accompany on a shoot?

Wow, too many to name! I would love to work with Bob Carlos Clarke, one of the British fashion scene’s photography icons. Andreas Bitesnich for his attention to detail, for the form and perfection he sees in human body. Frederik Schlosser is a young and very creative photographer I also admire.

What are you currently listening to?

Some chill-out and liquid dub during work. Good old hard rock when driving. Ask me next week though and it might be something totally different!

What is your favourite film?

Baraka. It is a visual masterpiece where every frame you pause on could be printed and framed on a wall. Not a single word said, yet a compelling story. Simply outstanding filmmaking.

What would you do with a day off in London?

Spend it with my family. There is so much to do, that one simply can’t get bored. My daughter loves Kew Gardens and The London Aquarium, so recently we spend a lot of time there. My passion for architecture often draws me to some historical areas of London where I enjoy seeing all this history of architecture shaping and evolving into the city it is now!

A selection of some of Michal's striking photography 

Bennett Winch Shoot - St Pancras Station - May 2015

Photo - Michal Baginski, Stylist - Sophie Surridge

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  • Stunning shots, and a very interesting piece. Looking forward to the next one!

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