Rupert Shreeve is a multidisciplinary designer who has held positions in some of the UK’s most prestigious design consultancies, set up his own agency and led projects for global brands including Coca-Cola, Volkswagen and British Airways. He is also credited with IF, Red Dot and IDSA awards.

Before joining Bennett Winch in the position of Creative Director in 2014, he re-branded the UK’s largest post production house, designed fine fragrance ranges for Ted Baker and Orla Kiely, created a new product portfolio of consumer electronics for ghd and launched a number of new Leisure, FMCG and Fashion brands.

In volume 0.2 of the Inspired Design series, we ask Rupert what he is listening to and what inspires him creatively.


My love of product design comes from...

I always seem to be on the hunt for the perfect object, whether it’s a particular item of clothing, piece of furniture or an old motorbike. I get obsessive about every detail and spend hours, even years searching for the item as I’ve imagined it. Sometimes I find it, and sometimes the search is endless.

I went away recently with my Bennett Winch bag, a hat and jumper from a brand I work closely with, a jacket from a tiny factory I found in Belgium and a pair of shoes designed and made in the studio below me. When I got home I sat in the chair I made with a friend. Having that level of control over your environment is a great privilege. 


For me, great product design is...

When something is totally uncompromised. I’ve worked in consultancies and seen concepts get butchered through clumsy review processes where too many people get a chance to pull an idea in too many directions, the results of which are Frankenstein objects that no one loves completely. In my experience the best designs are the singular visions of small coherent teams that have complimentary skills, whether technical, visual or financial. When everyone involved in a project has a vested interest in the success of a product the right decisions tend to get made.


The greatest product designer of all time is...

I went to an exhibition on Christopher Dressor about 10 years ago and I remember being amazed by his work, especially considering its age. He worked both structurally and graphically which I greatly admire. Similarly Charles and Ray Eames’ work is the result of architectural and graphical influences and has been unsurpassed for 60 years.

Either those guys or George Forman, he nailed it.



My favourite piece of music is...

When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin. Slight drummers’ bias.


I’m currently listening to...

High Country by The Sword.


My favourite film is...

Back to the future.


If I had a free day in London I would...

Take the triumph down the river to Richmond Hill.


Blogs, exhibitions, shows I regularly visit are...

I go to both the Tate Galleries a lot, most recently to see the art of conflict at Tate Britain, and I spend a lot of time at gigs.