The Suit Carrier Holdall: Re-Stocked

Suit Carrier Garment Bag

Chances are, if you’re on your way to a function that leans towards the sartorial side of your wardrobe, you’ve found yourself in a dilemma we know far too well: your suit is hung up, your shoes are polished- but you’ve got no way to get everything from to A to B without crumpling the fabric of your favourite formal ally, and leaving yourself with a lot of pressing to do when you reach your hotel room.

It’s the same dilemma that drove us to design the Bennett Winch Suit Carrier Holdall, which in our opinion, has become a strong contender to be one of the best bags for travelling with a suit you will ever find.

This bag was a true labour of love, and a project we undertook with Simon Crompton, founder of one of our favourite menswear reads: Simon knows tailoring like the back of his hand, and understands better than most the way a suit behaves when packed. Ill-fitting and inappropriate bags leave tight, hard folds, creasing the fabric and leaving you at the end of your journey pulling on a suit that leaves you feeling a lot worse for wear.

Suit Carrier

Simon knows the problems of travelling with a suit, and we know how to make great bags- so we’ve solved the issues he highlighted with a clever wrap around design. Crafted from a hard wearing, water resistant 24 oz bonded cotton, this is the perfect bag for travelling; big enough to store plenty of clothing, but small enough to get air born as hand luggage.

A zip fastened suit carrier wraps around a barrel bag, fastening with secure clips and magnets, eradicating any crumpling or creasing for the suit inside. The bag itself has plenty of room to store everything you need for a night or two away, and a shoulder strap makes sure that you’ll breeze through airports and train stations with consummate ease.

We’ve just had a fresh batch of our Suit Carrier Holdall off the machines of our English factory and are anticipating that they will sell out as quickly as the others- so if you’ve been on the search for the answer to taking your favourite suit away with you without ruining it, look no further.

You can shop the SC holdall in black or olive HERE

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