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Lifetime promise

Our confidence in our products is absolute. We personally select the finest raw materials, from Italian leathers to solid British brass hardware, and assemble them with some of the most experienced hands in England. It lets us make a lot of bold statements about the authenticity and quality of our bags, but also lets us make our customers, old and new, a promise: we will take care of any repair work your Bennett Winch bag might need for as long as you have it provided it was purchased new and directly through our website bennettwinch.com or one of our official retail partners with proof of purchase. Our Lifetime Promise does not cover second hand bags or products purchased through a third party reseller.

So, whilst we’re sure you won’t have any issues, rest assured that no matter where you’re heading, your Bennett Winch bag is ready to go with you, time and time again. 

How to redeem against our promise

Please simply email us on info@bennettwinch.com with a description and pictures of the issue including your bennettwinch.com order number and we'll be in touch with next steps.

Fair wear and tear

This promise is intended to give you confidence in the quality of our products and workmanship. If a bag has been subject to very heavy use and is showing signs of natural wear and tear it may not be subject to a free repair / replace service. We will review all items carefully and give a fair assessment of the case. Even if there has been an issue caused by misuse vs a manufacturing defect we can offer a paid repair service at reasonable cost.

Canvas fading

Our canvas is naturally dyed – the colour will hold for many years, but prolonged contact to excessive light, as well as continuous exposure to the elements will lead to some changes in appearance. Our canvas, like most things that are built to last will develop a patina that’s unique, telling the story of how you’ve used it.

Sometimes it pays to give your bag a total clean with warm water and a soft cloth – leave it out to dry naturally, and out of direct sunlight.

Our canvas can’t be re-dyed, so if you want to keep your bag looking brand new for as long as possible, we recommend keeping it in its dust bag when you’re not using it.

Dye transfer

We use the highest quality grade A Italian leather. It’s full grained and veg tanned. This results in a natural finish, with every hide being different to the last and avoids all chemical chromes and plastic coatings ensuring your leather bag ages as it should, and only ever gets better with every trip it takes.

In very humid or damp conditions, leather can ‘sweat’, which may lead to a small transfer of dye – similar to raw denim transferring shades of blue to lighter colours. Although very rare, this is a potential scenario with all high-quality leather goods and therefore isn’t covered by our Lifetime Promise, neither can we cover the cost of any damaged caused to your other belongings. 

We don’t recommend using any chemicals to care for your leather bag, but if you want to keep on top of its care, a small amount of leather cream or conditioner can help; just make sure it dries fully before use and kept out of direct sunlight.

Collection / re-shipping charges

If the item in question was purchased within the last 12 months we will cover all associated costs of sending it to our workshop and back to you post repair. After this period there may be a small charge but we will discuss with you in person and work on the most cost effective solution possible.

Items purchased through our official retail partners

Don't worry, your goods are still covered under this promise. Please come directly to us as opposed to contacting the retailer and we'll help to resolve the issue.

If you have any further questions about our promise please don't hesitate to get in touch