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The Suede Collection - Storm Grey

Suede FAQ's

It’s something of a paradox. A product that’s as rugged and practical as it is soft and refined.
Something for both the aesthetes and the utilitarians.

The journey to get here has been long. Countless rounds of sampling and development with our Italian leather partners has led to a range built from completely waterproof suede. Each hide moss backed and treated to be impermeable to moisture and the elements, without compromising the unique character of medium temper napped suede.

“Is this suede really waterproof?”

Yes, we have developed a technical, waterproof suede for this range with our partners in Italy. It is moss backed making it impermeable to water and the top layer is treated with a special coating to also make it water-resistant.

“What is moss backing?”

Moss backing is a process of applying a layer of resin to the underside of the suede ensuring the material is impermeable to water. Sometimes this is used instead of a lining but we opted to line the interior of the bags with cotton to keep things consistent with our wider collections.

“Does the protection against water on the top layer of the suede wear out over time?”

The full protection on the top layer should last for many months or even years depending on use, but if you feel the effectiveness of our treatment is wearing out at any point, we’d recommend using a good quality suede protector like this

“Why does it look a darker in some shots than others?”

Just as it does 'in person', the suede can vary in colour depending on what angle you are viewing it from, which direction it's brushed and how much natural light is on it. What we have found though, is when brand new, it tends to look more like a light grey. Within a few months and once it's come into contact with the elements it will start to develop a darker shade of grey more in-keeping with some of the lifestyle imagery we've shot.

“Will the bag arrive with or pick up any marks or patterns during use, and can you remove these?”

Although the suede is treated to add protection against water, this material looks and ‘performs’ like any other premium suede. It is a natural, very malleable material so you can use your hands or a suede brush to smooth out marks and patterns that develop or of course leave them if you prefer this appearance. Having tested this material for a few years now we find allowing the bag to develop its own unique character and patina, using a brush only when it needs a clean is the best approach.

“What is the 'look and feel' of this suede?”

It is a compact, medium temper suede, with a fine nap and soft velour touch.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us on +44(0)208 7982487 or email us at info@bennettwinch.com